Vibration activated hour meter

Vibration activated hour meter

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Do you always have to guess when to service your equipment, because you don’t know how many hours they’ve run?

Never guess again with the Vibration hour meter. As soon as it starts picking up vibrations from your equipment, it starts counting the hours.

Ideal for electric motors, generators, boats, golf carts, quad bikes, trailers, jet ski’s (it’s waterproof!). Also suitable for keeping track for preventative maintenance on bearings lubrication.



Automatically activates when it senses vibration

Works on any vibration engine

Track the service life of your engine – oil changes, spark plugs, adjustments

Temperature resistant – 85ºC
Waterproof with epoxy encapsulation

Peel and stick onto nearly any surface

Optional screw on installation (included)

Easy installation – no external power required

10 year battery lifespan (included)

Clear LCD display

Records up to 10,000 hours.

High impact casing that is tamper proof