Band Saw

Band Saw

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Band saw for cutting logs into planks and timber, with 13hp petrol motor

This bandsaw was designed for all levels of sawyers, from professionals to users just starting ourt, looking for a large log capacity. Featuring a 13HP Briggs and Stratton petrol engine, or a 10HP JD diesel engine, this band saw has a capacity of logs with a diameter of up to Ø780mm and any length (dependant on the amount of log table sections)

The cutting section, is adjusted using a pulley system, and has a clear cutting height indicator, on a marked measuring stick, that is marked in both metric and imperial sizes.

Lubrication on the blade is done by a drip hose, that continuously drips water onto the blade before it cuts into the log. This prevents the natural saps from wet trees from gumming up the blade, and causing work stoppages. 

The machine has a painted and galvanizised finished, for superior protection from the elements, when not in use



  • Standard - 3m log length - but additional log tables can be purchase to increase the length
  • Painted and galvanized finishing
  • Manual throttle adjustment with hand lever on side of mill, for temporary increases in power
  • 13HP Briggs and Stratton motor, or 10HP JD Diesel Engine, or 7.5KW electric drive
  • Up to Ø780mm log sizes
  • Blade guide, with adjustment screws for improved stability, especially during fine cuts.
  • 2 x Log clamps on the log table for log stability during cutting
  • 50mm machined iron wheels, running on steel tracks, for stable and straight blade movement. 
  • 10 liter water tank for blade lubrication
  • Pulley system with wire rope/cable for accurate and easy adjustment of cut height