Bucket elevator 5-10TPH - 6m discharge - painted finish

Bucket elevator 5-10TPH - 6m discharge - painted finish

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This Bucket Elevator's capacity is based on maize and includes the following:

Head and Boot Section

Leg Sections (2m sections)

Belt, Buckets and Fasteners

Electrical drive with gearbox

 Please feel free to enquire about all bucket elevators offered, listed on our online store is only the standard variation and small bucket elevators.

While bucket elevators and chain conveyors are often being replaced or not selected in favor of Grain Pumps (tube conveyor loops) for its simplicity, capacity, cost and efficiency, bucket elevators do have application in many cases.
In most instances bucket elevators in capacities exceeding 150 tons per hour are imported and those in lower capacities are manufactured in South Africa. The same applies to chain conveyors and belt conveyors.
Bucket elevators by ABC Hansen are of high quality. Service platforms are included at the head and at the distributor levels while rest platforms are optionally included for higher elevators.
Elevators can be optionally galvanized or painted and is driven by quality motors and gearboxes. The internationally famous Tapco range of polyethylene, polyurethane and nylon buckets are standard issue as are the high quality American belts or chain.
Meticulously designed for every application, the ABC Hansen Africa bucket elevator and chain and belt conveyor ranges are world class manufacture.
Catwalks are in some instances imported from the famous Brownie Systems in Nebraska and in some instances ABC Hansen Africa manufactures supporting structures and catwalks in Pretoria, South Africa  The site location  and complexity of design and compatibility with the equipment it supports are usually the most important determinants of the manufacture selected.

**This item is made on order. Please contact us for the production lead time.