Soft Starter 30KW

Soft Starter 30KW

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Softstarter for 30KW electric motors

FWI-SS3    3-phase AC380V 50Hz without built-in by-pass contactor


The Soft starter detects the feedback voltage of the motor, and achieves closed loop control, to ensure that the motor succeeds to start-up under different conditions, and contain the inrush current during startup. 

This reduces the stress on the motor, increasing the lifespan of the service motor, as well as reducing your maximum demand amps on your electrical bill. 


Soft stopping also solves the surging problem of the inertia of the machine being run when switching off machines. 


With highly reliable components, and built in safety features, the soft starter increases equipment lifespan, as well as operator safety. 


The Softstarter is to be matched with a squirrel-case asynchornous motor, matching the softstarter's capacity. 
Working temperature -20ºC - 40ºC

When installing, ensure to install in a well ventilated area or enclosure, as there is heat generated by the softstarter. 

Power supply - 3 Phase AC, 380V/480V, 50HZ.