Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 15KW

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) 15KW

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Variable Frequency Drive - 15KW motor - 380V in / 380V out
3 Phase 

Power capacity - 21KVA
Input current - 35A
Output current - 32A
Applicable motor - 15KW/20HP
Heating power - 0.553KW

Why use a VFD? 
Energy savings
Interlligent motor control
Reduction of peak current
Match the speed of the drive to exactly what your process requires
Lower noise levels from equipment
Reduce mechanical stresses on equipment to extend their lifetime, especially on startup with ramp up starts, instead of slam in starts. 

For the vector control of three-phase AC asynchronous motors and three-phase AC permanent magnet

synchronous motors, as well as separation control. 
SVC torque control is also supported - and better low speed stability and better low frequency load capacity. 

Up to 4 x motor parameters can be set, and four motor switchings can be controlled

AIAO accuracy range is whithin 20mv.